Informatique WGZ inc.

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Description of Infromatique WGZ inc.

Informatique WGZ inc. (WGZ) offers software and data processing system architecture development consulting services. The company wishes to realize efficient and effective interventions in the data processing domain as much for costumers in the private sector then for governmental costumers. Its main objective is to offer high quality services with respect to the roles and responsibilities of the customer and its users.

WGZ intends to build a specialized team where each member has a reputation of competence and professional integrity.

WGZ has a good understanding of the research in Information Fusion and Situation Analysis. Through its accomplishments, the firm has established a good reputation with its clients.


C/C++, Java, Perl, SQL, LISP, Matlab/Scilab, CORBA etc..

Operating Systems

Unix (Solaris, HP), Linux, Windows 95/NT/2000


Single/Multi Thread, Blackboard, Multi-Agent

Scientific Activities

Sensor Simulation, Signal Processing, Tracking, Identification Processing, Threat Evaluation, Ressource Management, Apriori-Knowledge, Ontology, Objective Oriented Analysis etc...